1. C-4

From the recording Exit Inside

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Promise me nothing. I'll expect the same at best. This ain't no test.
I'll be buried with the rest. Call it a waking. The four winds blowing in all sides.
River running through your mind. Shelter here within eye. The swiftest dagger and
the maker bites his tongue. Dying to be loved on a journey back to dust.
Mouth without mind. Tongues that race without repress. Unconscious mess.
No passion or sacred quest. Solace is coming. Soon their hearts will all breathe love
and rise above. Like pillars under the sun.

All faith in man is washed away.
A virus drowns their thoughts with plague.
The wicked rule in the wicked's game.
What light that's left is hidden in shame.

Attention to where you're putting your energy.
Attention to words the sentence is leaving you.
Attention to whys the question is who are you.
Attention to time your patience is beating you.

Humble the slave of modern day.
For a system failed in every way.
Intrepid moves direct and true.
A restless mind calloused and blue.

Attention to now this moments serenity.
Attention to how this moment will carry you.