1. 7(n7)

From the recording Exit Inside

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Blind my eyes they see but blackness. Am I lost? Things that haunt were previously thought.
The fire cannot be wielded. Fear driven slave. Think it is so. I becomes we. Everything is in time.
Endless music in you. The heart cannot be shielded. Screaming silent grave.

Madness stirring deep within. Enraptured by the words of men.
Your actions. Everything has choice. Lack Focus. A muffled inner voice.
In life there is no control. In death you're on your own.

Losing and gaining control. The eye is wiser.
Breathe and play enjoy your stay. Before they come and take it away.
Swallow the moment invade their space. Heart wave burns deep into space.

Opportunity missed. Already away. Better judgement when seizing the day.
Dismiss me from failed decisions. Purposely hurt strategic incisions.
Shoveled the mess expect to progress. Learning to live with less.
Scared of the chance you might be confronted with an unplanned circumstance.

Watch a parasitic mind. Asleep through all alive.
The evening shuts their eyes and they can dream again.