1. Break

From the recording Exit Inside

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Hey. You wanna be less than nothing. Keep on thinking you can't win.
Paid. Don't take your life for granted. Toss your burdens in the wind.
See through eyes of new beginnings. Never stopping at an end.

You want a fantasy. I'll take your life for free. You can have all you see.
If you'll just wear this blindfold for me.

What I say. You wanna pull out from reason when they're laughing in your face.
What's it take. To make the fake ones cower. Wave the truth into their face.
Wanna see if they can withstand the pressure when the victims don't hold back.

Now I see self. Earth is your wealth.

Waking up before the sun the while I wait might never come. I dream I climb evolve to die
expand retract take in give back.
Presence of death brings life to us all.
Servant of slaves till death makes you fall.
Vanity is this all we can recall.