From the recording Even Further

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Chloroform Breath

We can take it even further.
Narrow thinking is your life style. Awaits new design. Technology has no senses. Will be left behind
Outside reveals the inner. I'm suffering from disguise. Sit inside and wait for nothing
to come to my surprise.
Cut your life line. Leave no trace. Take the sunshine. Don't let your thoughts escape.
Take your first breath. It's your last chance. In the meantime. Don't just dream but create.
Lurks inside you. All you once knew. Can't remember. Who controls who. Show control. Show restraint.
No control. As I said it. It lived. So polluted. Yes I am.
Shame us. The working bell still chimes. Enslave us. Set us free with lies.
This could be you. This could be us. Invalid. Devoid. Limitless. Destroyed.
Prepare your self. Designed to fail. Invalid...
This could be you. This could be us. Look at you now. Limitless.
You're a god. You're a fool. You're a god. We came to die. We came to die.
Invalid. Limitless. We came to die. You. Us. Self. Fail.