From the recording Even Further

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Choking The Chugg

Bless them all. Leave it small.

I reflect. reject. Wait for I to resurrect. It is my drive, my dream.
My thinking in between. To go the distance to succeed, to prevail.
To withstand. To inhale. At the cross I wait. Reflect and debate.
All hidden treasures forgotten in fate. Seems to be winter. Seems to be fine. Dreaming of summer. I'm dreaming but why.

I could stop but why not go. Godspeed.Take my life and make me whole. Goddamn.
I would go but I can't stay.

Take or give. Need or greed. Unlock the mystery. Bound to see. Symmetry.

Slumber. No rest in wander. I dare but ponder. Are dreamers slaves at all?

Such a drag. I won't crack. Why so flat? Maestro. I didn't plan to live this long.

Watch your step. Karma. Always watching for my next flaw.

The eternal descend takes me again.

Fuck them all. Think I'm small.

Force my hand. You'll see. What tidings I bring with love.

Work for me. Live for me. Die for me. Cut.
Slaves to be masters. We're leaving your pastures
One for you. None for me. Done with you. Cunt.
What can you capture beyond your slow rapture?
I'm listening and I've got all day.

What's my name? Lesion. Why such vague reason?
I can't find the light of day. Gods plan. Take me now. Don't make me stay.
Wipe your mouth. Flower.

What can you capture...