1. South

From the recording Even Further

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And on the eighth day. He wiped his ass with all that was made.
Now I lay me down to sleep. Cut off their heads. Slaughter the sheep
If your heart of gold don't shine. I'll be there to take your life.
What is it you strive for. More of less and nothing more.
Ending. We're all in debt pretending. Make no mistake descending.
The lack of love you're sending. I can't relate.
No sympathy. Just apathy. You think you know shit but you're just leading you on.
Empathy. Lacking clarity. The bible tells me that you'll be sucking me off.
This is for the people who are dreaming of life. They take your innocence and burn it alive.
This is for the people who believe in the lie. Keep you distracted. Merely a tool for the wise.
Sinking ship. This place is worthless. Just south of hopeless. How long you think you'll survive.
Power trip. Your corporate etiquette. Just south of idiot. I bet you think you're alive.
Flush it away. Cover mistakes. Feeding the fire. Stoke it up higher. Build to destroy. Not to enjoy.
Anger and pain results are the same. Frown on my face. Can't stand this place.
Filled with distaste for this rat race.
What is this we die for? These for this and thus scorned.
More of less I've wanted. Wanted more than less could spare.
Flush it away...