1. Death Waltz

From the recording Even Further

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Death Waltz

I cover my eyes and I still see red. I know it ain't worth all the time in my head.
So I awaken my innocence taken. I run from the past. I hope this won't last.
Stand here and take it much harder to fake it. I'm grieving to laugh. It's for your behalf.
I'm livid. Been torn down. For a game of cat and mouse. Just a puppet. A goddamn clown.
I'm a serpent. You'll find out.
Think I won't. Think out loud. Think I will forget. So I've done what I can. Bless this mess. I can't stand.
I'll bury these scissors just under your chin. Then gaze in your eyes as your light starts to dim.
I know what your thinking. I'm standing here screaming. I'll break you in half. We'll all have a laugh.
The darkest of places. I'm smashing their faces. A warm acid bath. Might help you relax.
I get it. I'm blacking out. Save some face. Shut your mouth. Just a maggot. Eats you out.
As it's written. So it's vowed. Lights out. Lights out.
Shades of rage much darker still. Carve my ways into your will. Lights out. Lights out.
Shrieks of pain your heart so true. Satiate my time with you.
Think I will. Think out loud. Think I won't forgive. So I've done what I can. Fuck this mess.I can't stand.
Only the things you want to see. Only the things you want to hear.
Light in darkness. Shield my way. See my content. None can sway. Lights out.
Your heartless act. I wipe my ass with that. You think I'll crack. I'm not going back.
This ain't real. Mind creates we feel. I'm unattached. I'll stop your heart of black.