From the recording Even Further

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Tools of the Trade

Oh Well looks like you win. Stand up and take a bow.
Insane I think we're going. In sane I've learned to dwell.
Take this, think that, blink last. Can't slip, think quick, don't quit.

Path of persistence. Die here like a slave.
In your resistance the language starts to change.
Who of you fails to see I am? Such wisdom servant of the brand.
Trapped in perception. The liars take the stage.
And in the confusion. A loser finds his way.

Embrace this. Embrace it all. Awaken. A wake up call. Awaken. Awaken all.

Vast and relentless. Players of the game.
With the sureness of sleeping. The outcomes are the same.
How dare you gaze upon I am. What version caters to your brand?
Laughter and whispers. A murmur of disdain.
Feel all their talking. Only hearing pain.

That blackness saw me and it called me home.
Those twisted thoughts just sing the thoughts you know.

I come undone. My mind gets stuck. I can't be saved. I can't know love.

That blackness saw...

I imitate. My life is fake. My heart is cold. I have no soul.

Embrace this...

I can't change. I can't stay. I blame.
I change. I engage. I rage.
I can't breathe. Lost in me. I scream.
I rage. I engage. I change.

Oh Well looks like I win. Stand back and take a knee.
In hell I think we're going. In hell I've learned from well.
Take this. Think that. Blink last.
Can't slip. Think quick. Don't quit.

I can't change. I can't stay. I blame.
I change. I engage. I rage.