From the recording Even Further

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Rumsfeld The Lizalien

I watch the light leaving this place. All that is left. Shame and disgrace.
We're at war here. The news instills the fear. The kind of thinking that leads to now here.
We were born here. To live your nightmare.
Boundaries are for the believers. Poetry for the divine.
Beauty is made of illusions. Seekers find truth in the skies.
Burn it down. Take them out. Purge them slow. Shadows and ghosts. Drink their wine. Slow death.
Music is for the dreamers. Deception awaits the benign.
Slavery won't hold a free thinker. Conforming won't make you alive.
Burn it down...
Become shadows. We're not buying. We're not yours. Your system is not ours. Failed us for profit.
Go ahead and keep your money. Go on and keep your laws. More than enough for sharing.
Always been enough you slobs. You see we know.
Want to distract with drama. Want to medicate us to our deaths. Line of sheep don't question nothing.
Guinea pigs for chemical profit. Go on and sleep the end is coming. To breathe. To love.