We are JWL

You are the #Legion!™

John Woodson’s Leg, also known as JWL is a multidimensional metal band based out of Wichita, KS.

We’ve been jamming for ages and the mission has always been simple; kick maximum ass, but also stay true to who we are as people, as players, as a band along the way. 
We’re different. 
Our metal is organic, weird, and tight. 

The music is some fairly standard power-doom-thrash-core with just enough attitude to make it work.
There are no rules here. 
We’re writing more music right now!

Current Line up:

 Dustin Cates - drums.

HT Brown - guitar. 

Ryan Stebb - bass. 

 Formed in Pratt, KS in April of 2009. The band put out its first release entitled "exit inside" in 2013. JWL released its second album "even further" in 2017.

Just working on content. Websites are hard work.

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